Veinwave treatment for facial spider veins and nasal thread veins

Veinwave treatment is the new gold standard for treating spider veins and thread veins on your face and nose

Spider veins are tiny veins that appear most commonly on the cheeks, nose and legs. They have many names, including thread veins and broken veins.


Spider veins are often caused by a condition called Rosacea; a condition that affects about 3 percent of the population. Spider veins can be treated quickly and easily with Veinwave treatment.

Veinwave treatment works by a needle being placed just under the surface of the skin and delivering a tiny pulse of radiofrequency energy precisely into the spider veins. It’s about as painful as having a hair pulled out. The spider veins disappear immediately at the time of the veinwave treatment. Then some redness and micro-scabbing develops where the spider veins were and this gradually disappears over the next 2-4 weeks. A review is offered two months after the initial veinwave treatment to see if any further treatment is required.

Once the spider veins are destroyed by veinwave treatment they cannot come back. If there is an underlying condition that might cause new blood vessels (for example, inflammation of the skin), new spider veins might develop but these can also be treated with veinwave treatment.

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